Land Price Index

Land Rates are increasing at a Pace faster then you can anticipate for example we can calculate that a land cost 50 lac Taka/Khata in 2012 would have cost a little over 3 Lac in 2006 and approximately 80 Lac in 2013, Often over several decades, you’d heard stories like ″My Parents paid 60,000 Taka for a house in 1985 now it’s worth 6 crores Taka the same house in 2005 ,60 Lac Taka, This Crazy land and housing price appreciate because of limited land and huge population growth in Bangladesh.

In the chart above, the solid blue line again shows the results for a hypothetical investor who begins saving and investing 36,000/year at age 25. However, in this case he only invests for 10 years and then never invests another cent. The second investor begins investing that same 36,000/year at age 35 and continues every year ’till age 65. Somewhat surprisingly, even though the first investor never invests a penny for the final three decades, he still ends with a substantially larger nest egg than the late.

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