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Purbachal NRB TOWN, designed by one of the best city planner and architectural firm SWAGROUP of California USA, is all set to become an architectural marvel and a landmark in PURBACHAL Dhaka. Purbachal NRB TOWN is only 15 minutes from Dhaka Airport, ten minutes from newly built KURIL FLYOVER connected US style 300 feet wide freeway A fine amalgam of ancient regal lifestyle whilst meeting the demands of modern life, it lends itself beautifully to contemporary needs and expectations. Spacious rooms aesthetically designed building interiors, wide-open spaces, well ventilated apartments; each and every corner of Purbachal NRB TOWN has been planned and designed to perfection.

Our prime motto is to serve the people and satisfy them specially nonresident Bangladeshi(NRB) who works hard and willing to invest their hard earning money in safe and secure land, apartments or housing projects with high quality construction projects like Europe or America We believe in not losing even a single opportunity of serving our clients with highest degree of customer satisfaction.Our success mantra has been based on this very principle, which is helping us scale new heights with each passing day.

Our main aim is to raise the standard of construction business in PURBACHAL and level it with the global standard across the world. We work with the vision of even surpassing the set global construction industry standards some day with our persistent efforts and hard work.

We constantly strive to come up with new commercial and residential housing structures, powered by new technologies, extraordinarily precise engineering, and bold design patterns. Each project we come up with is a new landmark in the commercial and residential structure niche currently we have entered an agreement with KBHOME, our customer can order there choice of house and interior with wholesale price.

In our very attempt to come up with something unique and technologically sound, we are launching our new project Purbachal NRB TOWN in PURBACHAL from hear Bangladesh will start its first American style housing project Not much needs to be said about this project, as it is a masterpiece in its own self, a symbol of human expertise and highest order creativity.

Choice of land project within the city depends on the capacity of people’s affordability. The project is smoothly aligned to the modern life expectations and day-to-day needs.

Managing from spacious airy rooms to artistically designed complex interiors and aptly ventilated room spaces; you can find everything in Purbachal NRB TOWN you ever visualized in your dream home. Every nook of this aesthetically designed complex has been finished to perfection. Undoubtedly, Purbachal NRB TOWN is a perfect home for all out there, who cannot settle on anything but perfection.

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