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The basic principle of an Eco-City is living within the means of the environment by satisfying the economic, social, and environmental qualities.Being motivated by the principle, the Bestway Group is enthusiastic to conserve nature and thus developing self-sustaining ecocities. Our Eco-Cities are aimed to achieve carbon neutrality withrenewable energy systems, less vehicular movement, moreopen, green and water landscapessignificantly. Bestway Eco-Cities will have a well-planned city layout and green transportation systemswith dominant walking, cycling, and accommodative public transportation facilities.Side by side, we will also ensure affordable housing for all socio-economic groups and well plannedeconomic activity centers (CBDs) for employment generation. Bestway Eco-City planning stands with 3R to achieve sustainability by reducing resource use, and developing waste management system that can recycle waste and reuse it for a zero-waste city.We plan for maximizing efficiency of water,sewerage, gas, energy and other community facilitiesto deliver with adequacy. Close neighborhood development is one of our compact development strategies to bring those efficiencies. Bestway Eco-City's neighborhoods will include well distributed institutions, playground, medical facility, corner shops, parking, public space, parks, greeneries, wide roads and walkways etc. within residents' proximity to offer simplicity in lifestyle choices.

Ecovillages are now being created intentionally, so people can once more live in communities that are connected to the Earth in a way that ensures the well-being of all life-forms into the indefinite future.

The Social Dimension:

Ecovillages are communities in which people feel supported by and responsible to those around them. They provide a deep sense of belonging to a group. They are small enough that everyone feels safe, empowered, seen and heard. People are then able to participate in making decisions that effect their own lives and that of the community on a transparent basis.

Community means:

Recognizing and relating to others Sharing common resources and providing mutual aid Emphasizing holistic and preventive health practices Providing meaningful work and sustenance to all members Integrating marginal groups Promoting unending education Encouraging unity through respect for differences Fostering cultural expression

The Ecological dimension

Ecovillages allow people to experience their personal connection to the living earth. People enjoy daily interaction with the soil, water, wind, plants and animals. They provide for their daily needs - food, clothing, shelter - while respecting the cycles of nature.

Ecology means:

Growing food as much as possible within the community bio-region supporting organic food production there Creating homes out of locally adapted materials Using village-based integrated renewable energy systems Protecting biodiversity Fostering ecological business principles Assessing the life cycle of all products used in the ecovillage from a social and spiritual as well as an ecological point of view Preserving clean soil, water and air through proper energy and waste management Protecting nature and safeguarding wilderness areas

The Cultural dimension

Most ecovillages do not place an emphasis on particular spiritual practices as such, but in their own ways ecovillages respect and support - the Earth and all living beings on it; cultural and artistic enrichment and expression; and spiritual diversity.

Cultural vitality means:

Shared creativity, artistic expression, cultural activities, rituals and celebrations Sense of community unityand mutual support Respect and support for spirituality manifesting in many ways Shared vision and agreements that express commitments, cultural heritage and the uniqueness of each community Flexibility and successful responsiveness to difficulties that arise Understanding of the interconnectedness and interdependence of all the elements of life on Earth and the community's place in and relation to the whole Creation of a peaceful, loving, sustainable world

The Economic dimension

The Ecovillage economy is quite robust and full of vitality compared to other local economies. Economic Vitality means: Keeping the money in the community, Circulating it through as many hands as possible, Earning it, spending it, and investing it in member-owned retail and service businesses, Saving it in home-grown financial institutions.

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