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Bestway University is being established as a new generation research-based digital University in Bangladesh having full commitment and dedication for standard, quality and excellence. The Academic building of the University has already been constructed at PBC. TheUGC has completed inspection of both curriculum/documents and on-site. The VC designate along with his Faculty and Registrar are ready to begin courses in EEE, IT, Civil Engineering, BBA, Energy and Environment, English, Law, Statistics once the Government approval is given. The 5 acre land has been formally given to the University by PBC. The proposed University will act as a torch bearer for fulfilling the long felt desire, mission and vision of the "Bestway Group of Companies ". It shall be a research-based University, a University with a difference, offering modern, practical need-based and application oriented curricula and syllabi. The University is determined to provide intellectual leadership to the society through creation of new innovative knowledge and by developing meaningful collaboration with higher education institutions both within and outside the country. Meanwhile there have been remarkable changes, innovations and diversification in the field of Higher Education all over the world. In order to keep pace with this changing world, we need to reshape, restructure and reorganize our entire system of University Education. Universities in Bangladesh should be developed in accordance with the needs of the people and the society. In this backdrop and situation, the Bestway Group of Companies has come up with this new idea and challenge to establish a research-based modern University capable of fulfilling the aspirations of the common masses and providing appropriate intellectual leadership in the field of University Education in Bangladesh.


To become the best Research & Technical University which will make an impact on earth.


The mission of the Bestway University is to develop its graduates as visionary professional leaders practical and productive. The University will offer a congenial and challenging academic environment, offering updated, need based, application oriented programs and curricula appropriate to the needs of the 21st century.

The Key Features

  • Instant access to information and new technologies.
  • Mobility within the teaching, research, services and training systems.
  • To create a culture of quality assurance and sharing global best practice.
  • Classroom to field work and from theory to practice.
  • Bangladesh National Cadet Core (BNCC) activities.
  • International standard Education at an affordable cost.
  • High level of professional efficiency and excellence.
  • Valid and reliable evaluation system for ensuring accountability and transparency.
  • 5% Full-free Scholarship for poor and meritorious students.
  • Scholarship based on academic standing and performance of students.
  • 50% tuition waiver for brother/sister/spouse of existing students.
  • A special tuition fees waiver for students coming from rural areas.
  • Recruit qualified committed and inspiring teachers and admit smart brilliant and promising students.
  • Practical job experience through internships in Agriculture,
  • Business, Health and Real Estate Projects of the Bestway Group of Companies.
  • Creation of new knowledge through sustainable and innovative research.
  • Business, Health and Real Estate Projects of the Bestway Group of Companies.
  • Education as one time activity to a lifelong activity.
  • Pursue a never ending quest for standard, quality and excellence.

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