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Bestway BAU Eco System

German Technological Breakthrough for external facings, we employ panels with a core of 10cm minimum of EPS that, together with the discharged concrete, with a wall section of 17,50 cm (taking into account an environmental exposure class IIa)
Bestway Powertech Ltd.

Bestway Powertech Ltd.

Harnessing power source is perhaps the most essential thing in global scenario, so as in our country. It is well understood that most vital crisis in our country seems to be the power crisis. Considering the reality, "Bestway Group" has extended support as one of the protagonist in this sector beside Governments effort to minimize the crisis. Thus Bestway Powertech Ltd.

IT & Digital Matting Ltd.

BESTWAY IT & DIGITAL MAPPING LTD. offers a full range of professional land surveying services and commit to deliver high quality service. Our mission is to provide our clients with a high level of service through technical knowledge, hands on field experience, responsiveness, and dependable delivery. The experience offered by our staff, training and continual assessment ensure that we fulfill our commitment to delivering a quality service .In addition, our in-house auditing of QA procedures and policies ensures the utmost accuracy and efficiency.
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