Bestway Group
The Bestway group is an emerging conglomerate in Bangladesh which has been playing a leading role in business sector like Real-estate, Trading & Economic Development, Agriculture based industry, Tourism & Resort, Solar Power Technology, E-Bazaar, credit & Co-operative and Pharmaceutical. With a zealous mission to make significant contribution towards economics growth, the group began its journey in the year 1997. Its transformation from one single portfolio to diversified portfolios was made possible due to Group’s lofty ideals of ‘fair play’. The company takes pride in its fine batch of qualified and skilled professional drawn from diverse industry background.
Our Vision

Exceed the expectations of every customer by offering outstanding services and thus creating greater value for their stakes.


Our Mission


Mission of the Bestway Group is to improve the quality of mass people’s life by active contribution in the thrust business sectors of Bangladesh through responsible application of knowledge, skill and technology. Bestway Group is committed to create a large pool of satisfied customers by providing the highest level of service value, trust and goodwill.

 Message From The Group Chairman
  Dear Partners & Valued Customers,
Welcome to Bestway Group. As a team from office stuffs to the board of directors we always focus on our stake holders interests and are committed to the best practices in the business arena by putting our combined team spirit, professional services, effective management policies and finally long earned experiences.As the part of our pledge to grow as a business conglomerate, our team is working with dedication and utmost professional devotion to come-up

with the new changes and challenges in everyday businesses. We believe you to get benefitted and would like to be benefitted as a logical consequences. However Bestway Group is always committed to discharge its social responsibilities. We have planned to form a trustee body to effectively mange the corporate social responsibilities in the long run. We are always keen for your advices and suggestions. Please don’t be hesitated to give your worthy comments through

With best regards,
Md. Mizanur Rahman
Chairman and CEO
Bestway Group

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